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Fitness is for everyone regardless of what level you are at!!
From whether you are just starting out and not sure which direction to head in, or finding it hard to manage your exercsie regime around your work and hectic lifestyle to even knowing exactly what you want to do in your head, but lacking the motivation and knowledge needed to put it into practice.

Goals don't just have to be the usual ones either, they can range from being about your body- 'I want to lose 2 inches from around my stomach'
to being about your fitness levels- 'I want to be able to jog 10km'.
They can be emotional goals- 'I want to be confident enough to wear short sleeved tops', 
and even social- 'I want to be able to walk and talk with my friends without getting out of breath'

Personal Training with Chloe is all about YOU achieving results and reaching your goals in a fun and enjoyable way. It will involve hard work and commitment but the effort you put in now will pay off in the future. As well as training you for the short term Chloe will educate you for the long term so that you can take away some of the knowledge needed to keep up a fit and healthy lifestyle.

The sessions will include a range of different fitness techniques including resistance training, kettlebell training, boxing/padwork, swiss ball and medicine ball exercises, a range of different cardiovascular techniques, core and abdominal training, flexibility training and lots more, making sure that no two workouts are the same. 

Training can be done indoors with minimal of space or outdoors utilising whatever area you have near whether it is a field, a park, a front garden or just the open road.

As your personal trainer Chloe will devise individualised exercise programmes, including one for you to do at home in your own time. Chloe will monitor your progress with fitness and health-related tests and will be there to listen, support and motivate you every step of the way

Chloe offers a FREE CONSULTATION because we know it is important that you have a personal trainer that suits YOUR needs, so contact Chloe now to book it in!!

Based in Southend but training further afield is always possible, this would need to be discussed.

Packs are based on how many sessions you would like per week and how quickly you would like to see the results-

Walk- a 6 week package that consists of one session per week and one home workout programme so a lot of the results will be up to you.

Jog- a 12 week package that consists of 1 session per week, 2 home workout programmes as well as nutritional advice. This package is better if you need the extra support and are not too hot on what you should/shouldn't be eating.

Run- a 6 or 12 week programme that consists of 2 sessions per week, 2 home workout programmes, nutritional advice and a recipe manual. This package will really get you great results, it is especially great for people who don't have much motivation to workout by themselves

Sprint- the same as the run package but it consists of 3 sessions per week and also includes weekly e-mails with supportive material. Results, results, results!!!

I also offer a direct debit option with a minimum of a 4 month contract.

Buddy Training is also available

Use the 
Contact form for more information or to discuss availability.



In 5 months

Weight lost- 2 stone

Body fat % dropped- 7%

Cms lost around waist- 11cm

Hayley C

In 5 months

Weight lost- 1 stone

Body fat % dropped- 8%

Lbs of body fat lost- 17lbs


In 6 weeks 

Weight lost- 4lbs

Body fat % dropped- 5%

Lbs of body fat lost- 9lbs

Hayley T

In 6 weeks (pre-holiday package)

Weight lost- 9lbs

Body fat % dropped- 5%

Lbs of body fat lost- 9lbs


In 8 weeks

Weight lost- 13lbs

Body fat % dropped- 

Cm's lost around her waist- 9cm


In 6 months and 1 week

Weight Lost-9lbs

Body fat % dropped- 9.5%

Lbs of body fat lost- 20lbs


in 4 months and 3 weeks

Weight lost- 19lbs

Body fat % dropped- 14%

Lbs of body fat lost- 31lbs


In 3 and a half months

Weight lost- 7.5lbs

Body fat % dropped- 6%

Lbs of body fat lost- 10.4lbs

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