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The 12 Days of 'Fit'Mas

That time is nearing again and as I go away on Monday I'm having to post this in November!!! 
Here is a little workout for you all to help burn off those mince pies and glasses of baileys that I'm sure you'll be having over the festive period. .

Go through the circuit just like the song.

Start with day 1, then do day 2 followed by
day 1 and so on..

1 minute plank
3 minute sumo squats2 minute splat burpees
4 jump lunges (per leg)
5 walk down & press-up
6 jumping jacks
7 high knee runs (each leg)
8 mountain climbers (each leg)
9 double crunches
10 plank jacks
11 Shoulder bridges
12 squat/tuck jump/squat

If you want to work extra hard go through the circuit 2-3 times.


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