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Having a personal trainer is something that everyone can benefit from, although sometimes it may seem out of your price range. If that's you or you just like to train with a few other people then why not try group training sessions. Chloe designs the session in the same way as if it was for one person, so each session has individual goals and each session is different.

With the group training sessions up to 5 people can join, this allows everyone to gain the benefits of a personal trainer without having to pay the full price.

As with any group training you don't get the attention 100% of the time so you will need to come with lots of motivation and determination, but as your trainer Chloe will be there to push each and every person a step further

Prices for 1 hour sessions are from £10.00 per person
Please Contact Chloe via email or phone for more information to join a group training session or to request one in your area.
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