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6 Week Nutrition Course for Women

Are you a woman that wants to understand more about your body and how it works in burning fat?

This is a 6 week nutrition course where you learn about your body, how it reacts to different foods and how you should eat, drink and make decisions to best burn fat.

Every person is different and therefore every person needs to find out about their own body rather than go on a diet that is ''one size fits all'

The course will not only look at your food and drink intake but it also goes over lots of other aspects of fat loss such as socialising, eating on the go when you have a hectic lifestyle, inspirations, stress and sleep, menses and lots more.

You will learn what works for you and what doesn't so that you can continue losing fat once the 6 week course is over.

The course consists of a 30-40 minute consultation every week for 6 weeks. At the beginning of every session we look at your body fat percentage and on every other session we take your body measurements, this enables us to get an accurate reading of whether something is working for you or it isn't.

This course does not include exercise plans, if you would like to add training sessions to the course please use the  Contact me page where we can discuss it further.

One of my recent clients lost 15lbs, 3.3% body fat and dropped her BMI by 2.8. She went from a size 16-18 to a size 12-14 and lost 6 1/2 inches from around her waist, hips and back. This could be you....

You must have dedication and commitment to complete and get results from this plan, I am there to guide you but the real works comes from you.

If you want to change your body shape and the way you live then this plan is perfect for you.

Prices start from £90 for the 6 weeks 
(destination dependent)


Only £60 for the 6 weeks if 2 of you book on 
(sessions will need to be taken together)

Use the 
Contact me page or call me on 07947 489959 to discuss availability and to get yourself booked on to a course today.

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