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Bikini Body Bootcamp

Are you bored of your usual gym routine? 
Do you need a kick-start back into exercise? 
Do you want to get fit, burn fat fast and have fun?? 
Then ladies come and join us-

The next 4-week Bikini Body Bootcamp starts September 4th 2017

A 4-week course where you train in a ladies-only group to shed fat, burn calories, change your body shape and improve your health & your lifestyle. For all levels & abilities.

 If you want to make a change in your life, this is for you!

Evening & Weekend BBB

Monday 7.00pm, Wednesday 7.30pm at Ashingdon Park and/or Saturday 9.30am at Priory Park (in Southend)
(Choose 2 of the days)

Pay as You Go Bootcamp
Saturday 9.30am at Priory Park also runs as a PAYG bootcamp, £7 per session.
Contact me to book your space or just show up.

£55 for the whole course which includes 2 x 1 hour sessions per week, a nutrition pack plus 2 FREE online workout videos that you get to keep once the Bootcamp is over! 
This Bootcamp is run in small groups so there are limited spaces. 

After your first camp the price goes down to £45 per person per month

'Like' my facebook page for more information and to get yourself booked on now

or click on the link below


BBB is one of the few bootcamps in the area to use a range of the latest equipment including dumbbells, medicine balls, stability balls, pads & gloves and lots more. Each session is carefully planned to ensure your whole body gets an awesome, fat-melting workout that will keep you burning calories for hours after you've stopped exercising. We look at body fat %, weight and body measurements on the first and the last session.

Results & Testimonials

Jo lost 6lbs and 16.5 cms from around her body!! Amazing results from one month of BBB!!

Michelle lost 9lbs from only one month of Bikini Body Bootcamp and was so pleased her hard work paid off and she could see results.

Lucie lost 3lbs and 2% body fat in 4 weeks after re-joining BBB again after a few months off for an operation.

Nikki lost 4lbs, dropped 3% body fat and lost 15cms from around her body including 5cms from around her hips. Nikki said- really chuffed with the results, thank you very much. 

Denise results- I am eating better and working out at home and I have even joined the gym eeekkk! I have gone from 8st12 to 8st7 and best of all I have lost 4% body fat!! I'm very happy with my results from only one month of BBB. My skinny All Saints jeans fit for the first time in nearly 3 years!! Thanks Chloe for the support and inspiration. 

Michelle lost 3cms from her waist and 4cms from her hips in just 1 month of BBB. I can't wait to see what results I will get next month says Michelle.

Laura results- since starting in January I have lost 8lbs, 6.5cms from my hips, 2cm off each arm which is brilliant for me because I've always found it tough to lose fat off my arms, 3cms of each thing and for my waist I did 2 measurements- at my smallest part 've lost 4cm but measuring inline with my belly button I've lost 7cm!!
The thing I've noticed most is my flatter tummy, I also feel more toned and a lot stronger. Thanks so much it's been brilliant and i'm a bootcamp addict!

Well done to Sarah who has lost a huuggeeee 10lbs in 8 weeks and can now hold a full plank for a minute without dropping!!

I am really pleased that I joined Bikini Body Bootcamp. I found it very motivating, both physically and mentally. It got me re-focused on my eating and exercise and I feel so much better for it. I lost around 2cm on each of my arms, each of my thighs, my belly and my hips- Debbie 

Natalie dropped 6% body fat and lost 10lbs in weight by taking part in Bikini Body Bootcamp as well as 1-2-1 personal training sessions.

Amanda lost 12cms around her body (including 7cms from around her waist) and 3lbs in weight in only 4 weeks!!

Here is what Amanda said about her Bikini Body Bootcamp experience- I've dropped a dress size, feel energised and my skin is smoother. I have noticed a reduction of cellulite on my buttocks too. Making small changes in my diet really helped, I even allowed myself a cheat day each week and still for great results. I feel great, thank you xx

Sarah joined BBB for 2 months and managed to lose 8lbs and 3.5% body fat and feels fitter and stronger. Sarah is continuing with BBB as she is loving the results.

In April one of our new members lost a whopping 3.1% body fat in only 4 weeks, as well as 12.5cm around her body.
In July we had a 40 something year old lady (you don't have to be a youngster) who lost 2.7% body fat, 5lbs in weight and 8 inches from around her body in only 4 weeks... this could be you....just sign up today!! 
Every month we have people losing body fat, losing pounds and losing inches as well as gaining strength, fitness and confidence.

Don't miss out on your space!!! 

Each session includes weight loss coaching for 10 minutes at the beginning, followed by a challenging workout to help you lose weight, improve fitness levels and tone up.
It is a fun and friendly environment and welcomes all levels, ages and abilities, especially for those who aren't fans of trekking to a crowded gym.

This is fantastic value for money, don't miss out on your chance to kick start your healthy lifestyle!!

Here are a few testimonials from previous bootcampers-

ďThe last time I was properly fit and healthy I was 19. 14 years later and the effects of doing a desk job, commuting and a few too many takeaways were showing. Getting married in May is a huge event in my life but I lacked confidence and just couldnít get myself motivated to lose weight or exercise, despite having a dress that didnít fit.

A good friend Shelly mentioned Chloeís Bootcamp and persuaded me to give it a go.

What that we went along for our first session and came home wondering what we had let ourselves in for. 4 weeks on, and I admit it has been hard work, but I have thoroughly enjoyed it! The 2 group sessions a week are really motivating and Iíve met some wonderful people, the extra DVDís are great for at home and as they are short you can squeeze them into your day.

Chloe is so patient and confidence giving, pushy ( in a good way) without being aggressive- she is just the woman I needed to kick start me back to fitness.

Since I started Bootcamp, Iíve lost a total of 6lb and 5 inches overall so far, Iím fitter, happier and because Iím sleeping better have lots more energy. Above all Iím determined to carry on with exercise, Iím feeling more confident about myself and the wedding photoís donít seem so scary now! I cant believe Iím saying it but I wait for Chloeís next bootcampĒ


"After having my baby in August 2011 I was shocked to learn that I had put on a lot of weight throughout my pregnancy. After a few months of eating what I wanted I realised I needed to lose the weight before I got any bigger!

I dieted for a few months and managed to lose a stone but I was still unhappy with my body shape. I had heard about Chloe's bootcamp and knew straight away that I had to do it in order to get my figure back and to get fitter in general.

I have found the bootcamp amazing! Chloe is so inspiring, she makes you feel like you can do anything, and you really can once you put your mind to it. I never thought I would be able to do half of the exercises that she set, but to my surprise I found that with Chloe's encouragement I could do them all. I feel physically fitter, healthier and happier and I actually enjoy exercise now!

I am booked on to the next bootcamp in May and would recommend it to anyone, I can't wait to lose more inches and pounds!

Thank you Chloe you are an inspiration!!"


"Having done Bootcamp once already with Chloe I signed up as soon as she set up the next one!! I love it!!! I am fairly motivated already I go to the gym on a regular basis along with classes. However I find I often get stuck into routines in my exercise as I tend to do the same classes and the same exercises in the gym - either because I cant think of anything new or I'm too embarrassed to try new things by myself.

To me Bootcamp is the reassurance that every week I will be working my entire body twice - I don't have to think of what to do next its all nicely planned out for me all I have to do is turn up! Easy :) (well sort of!)

Then for ideas in the week I have the videos which are short and to the point or I can carry on with my usual stuff. I also love exercising out in the fresh air its good to get outside for a change as I spend most of my days stuck in an office.

I have lost 4 pounds this Bootcamp and have noticeably improved my cardio fitness and flattened my tummy! Yaaay!"

If you want this to be you gaining these kind of results after 4 weeks then book now for Bikini Body Bootcamp!
Call Chloe now on 07947 489 959 or use the
Contact page for more information

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